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Producccion de TV, antropologa, medios y responsabildiad social , educacion, uso de los medios en la escuela, edutainment

Adelaida Trujillo (Bogotá, Colombia 1960) is a television, audiovisual and multimedia, entertainment-education (“edutainment”) and communication practitioner, with 30 years experience in television production and direction, and the development, design, production and implementation of strategic intersectorial and networking processes ( public/private, national/ local , Academia/practitioners, regional /international) for communication and media for social change and development. Through Citurna and Imaginario ( production company and CSO she co-founded 30 and 15 years ago, respectively) and thanks to key partners in Colombia, Latinamerica and globally, key achievements include internationally awarded documentary, educational and edutainment productions, the consolidation of the children and youth ´s TV sector in Colombia, promoting the edutainment field in the region and the development and implementation of the platform and network The Communication Initiative Latin America (CI LA) ( ).Skills include partnership and team building, fundraising and promotion, design, production and implementation of : quality TV and multimedia content for schools, children and youth; edutainment processes and platforms to facilitate dialogue on health, sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents, peace building, rights and SDGs; capacity building for TV , journalism and communication practitioners; public debate on communication and media policies, focused on youth and children ; knowledge sharing and networking thru virtual platforms and social media . Recognitions include 20+ international film and TV awards (including the prestigious Banff, Emmy UNICEF, IDFA , Prix Jeunesse and Japan Prize). Citurna and Imaginario´s leading evidence based edutainment project is : a national and regional multimedia –crossmedia edutainment strategy to promote sexual and reproductive rights and sexual education for youth and adolescents, in partnership with public television, international cooperation, national ministries and foundations, national and regional academic partners and local CSOs. Projects in process include : Women Entrepreneurs – WE – an edutainment- based blended educational model to promote young women´s entrepreneurship in Germany and Ireland, as part of a RISE European Union 4 - year grant , a south – south / north - south technical and research partnership/ collaboration with FSU University ( Germany ), UDD ( Chile ), 3S ( Austria ) , Cyprus University and Uninorte ( Colombia ) . Bondage, an evidence based edutainment web series and feature length fiction, to promote HIV testing and respect for sexual diversity in partnership with George Washington University ( GWU)´s Latino HIV Research Center , LigaSida and UNINORTE (Colombia); Patrimonio ODS , a multimedia, multiactor communication strategy on the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs - commissioned by the Colombian Agenda 2030- SDGs government high level commission which includes a knowledge management and information platform -… ; Citurna TV -… - which seeks to recuperate and promote the use of Citurna´s historical archive for postconflict and peace education, to support the peace agreement recently signed by the Colombian State and the FARC guerrillas. Adelaida has been a member of international groups and networks which advocate for public television and media , many times juror of international film and TV festivals and media awards , member of the International Advisory Group of the IDSs (UK) Managing Knowledge for Development -MK4D project (2011-13), etc . Ashoka Fellow since 1999 for her work in children and school's television

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Why the focus on direct impact data?

A common challenge from policy makers, funders, community members, people directly experiencing development issues, and governments is: Demonstrate your Impact. Prove that what you are doing works. The high quality, highly credible data presented on the cards below is designed to help you answer that question for your social change, behaviour change, community engagement, communication and media for development, strategy formulation, policy engagement and funding initiatives. At this link filter the research data to your specific interests and priorities

Why a playing cards design?

There is a physical pack of cards with this data (to get a copy please request through the comment form for any card). The card approach allows for easy identification and selection of relevant direct impact data in any context. For example if talking with a donor and you need to identify proof of impact say "take a look at the 7 of Hearts". Quick access can be provided to high-quality data for many areas of your work – funding, planning, policy, advocacy, community dialogue, training, partner engagement, and more. A card deck is also engaging, easy to use and share, a conversation starter, and a resource - and they are fun and different. So we kept that design for the online images as it can serve similar purposes. 

What are the criteria for inclusion?

The impact data presented meets the following high standard for inclusion criteria:

  • Positive change or trend in a priority development issue;
  • Social change or behaviour change strategy or process;
  • Randomized Control Trial or Systematic Review methodology;
  • High quality peer review journal published;
  • Numeric impact data point
  • Published since 2010.