Compelling, credible, recent, direct impact data
Social and Behavior Change Specialist

Experienced public health professional, pursuing Social and Behavior Change Specialist position, with prior work experience in program management, planning, implementation, and evaluation in Africa, Europe and in the United States.


·       Provide technical support to government counterparts, other partners, sectors and teams in the development of evidence based social and behavior change implementation plans and community engagement activities to boost demand generation for Routine immunization, Polio vaccine, Measles and Meningitis vaccines for children under five years of age and tetanus vaccine for women of reproductive age.

·       Provide technical support to other sectors in the use of SBC approaches for the promotion of essential family practices in the first 1000 days of a child’s life.

·       Conduct surveys, rapid assessments, Focus Group discussions and Key Informant Interviews for the generation of evidence to inform the design, testing, measurement and monitoring of program interventions and outcomes to accelerate results for children

·       Partner with government implementing partners, WHO, Rotary International, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, religious and traditional leaders, local non-for-profit organizations, community-based organizations, youth and women groups as intermediaries and key catalysts in the process of social and behaviour change.

·       Conduct continuous capacity building of UNICEF staff and implementing partners to strengthen and scale up the use of behaviour change approaches and tools in all their interventions 

·       Participate in the advocacy for resource mobilization and budget planning to ensure compliance and optimal appropriation of allocated program funds.



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Why the focus on direct impact data?

A common challenge from policy makers, funders, community members, people directly experiencing development issues, and governments is: Demonstrate your Impact. Prove that what you are doing works. The high quality, highly credible data presented on the cards below is designed to help you answer that question for your social change, behaviour change, community engagement, communication and media for development, strategy formulation, policy engagement and funding initiatives. At this link filter the research data to your specific interests and priorities

Why a playing cards design?

There is a physical pack of cards with this data (to get a copy please request through the comment form for any card). The card approach allows for easy identification and selection of relevant direct impact data in any context. For example if talking with a donor and you need to identify proof of impact say "take a look at the 7 of Hearts". Quick access can be provided to high-quality data for many areas of your work – funding, planning, policy, advocacy, community dialogue, training, partner engagement, and more. A card deck is also engaging, easy to use and share, a conversation starter, and a resource - and they are fun and different. So we kept that design for the online images as it can serve similar purposes. 

What are the criteria for inclusion?

The impact data presented meets the following high standard for inclusion criteria:

  • Positive change or trend in a priority development issue;
  • Social change or behaviour change strategy or process;
  • Randomized Control Trial or Systematic Review methodology;
  • High quality peer review journal published;
  • Numeric impact data point
  • Published since 2010.